Email Marketing Conversion
 Made Simple with Mailchimp + Unbounce

For every effective email campaign, there is a high converting landing page.

Using landing pages with your email marketing isn’t new, just maybe underappreciated. This relationship is getting better as marketers are getting smarter. Learn to optimize your campaigns for higher conversion rates, not only to increase open rates and
click-through rates but to fine tune what happens after people leave your email.

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I used the Unbounce & Mailchimp integration for my sign up form, and it was simple and quick! I had to pay my web people about $800 to do a sign up form on my web site and connect it to Mailchimp. You saved me $800! With your service I can test different products and ideas without investing thousands of dollars.
- Joe Glenn, Neofera

Mailchimp & Unbounce Make it Simple

Our guide lays out not only the 'why' but the 'how' to get the most from using Mailchimp and Unbounce together. See how easy it is, learn more now